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Equality via Black Community

1 Resource Corporation Service

This is an introductory letter about One Resource Services Corp. and a request for your sponsorship support to our 2018 Knapsack Back-to-School Drive and gofundme campaign titled Equality via Black Education. One Resource Services Corp. is a registered, non-profit organization that operates at the local level to provide a variety of community and business services aimed at improving the day to day lives and commercial inclusion of black people in the Ottawa area, Canada’s capital city (5.7% population; 2011 Census). In an effort to ensure that under-privileged students will be supported during this school year with comparable tools and supplies as their peers, One Resource will be be running a Knapsack Back-to-school drive on an annual basis. Visit our gofundme campaign This is our kick-off event in our One Resource Services Corp. 2018-2019 School Program. We would really appreciate your being involved in making a difference in the education related experience of black students and the future of leadership in Canada and North America. Your generous support may take the form of a monetary contribution or a contribution in the form of school supplies and materials. The One Resource Services Corporation 2018 Knapsack Drive will be held Saturday, September 8th, 2:00pm to 4:00pm at 133 Besserer Street (corner of Dalhousie) in Ottawa. This is a great opportunity for your organization to support a worthy cause as well as showcase your commitment to the local community. As a participating sponsor, you will receive reference and signage in all event announcements and promotional materials and you will also have the opportunity to say a few words to the recipient children on the day of the event.

Areas of focus: Education, Civic Engagement

1 Resource Services Corporation

1 Resource Services Corporation

We provide educational, networking and related business services to individuals and community groups focused on building and improving black persons. Our activities are designed to permit black persons to experience a more equitable standing in all societal streams including employment, commerce, education, politics and healthcare.

Areas of focus: Economic Prosperity, Civic Engagement, Employment Equity, Art & Culture, Education, Justice, Health

Young Leaders Advisory Council

Young Leaders Advisory Council

In 2016, the Young Leaders Advisory Council (YLAC) was created by young leaders who saw a void in the Ottawa community. We created YLAC to create a place where racialized young people could find opportunities to achieve equality. Mission We seek to provide a platform for youth and young professionals to identify, meet, collaborate, and grow the skills necessary to become decision-makers and influencers. Our mission is to situate young people of racialized communities in positions of leadership and influence by promoting diversity and inclusion within Ottawa and across Canada. In collaboration with our allies, we work to influence the Canadian narrative of the Black diaspora. We do this through advocacy, mentorship and education. Vision We are dedicated to ensuring the future of young racialized Canadians. We advocate for that future through: empowering young people of African, Indigenous, and other racialized communities, and building relationships with our allies. We focus on increasing civic engagement through: mentorship and volunteerism, encouraging knowledge of heritage and cultural traditions; and providing a platform for young people to become the leaders

Areas of focus: Education, Civic Engagement


Black Speculative Arts Movement Canada Conventions

Black Speculative Arts Movement - Canada

Recognizing the gap and disparities of Black artists and art representation of Black people in art in relations to the art world and education, the Black Speculative Arts Movement Canada (#BSAMCanada) seeks to put in action plan to improve the position of Black creators and the limitations of representation of Black subjects and related content - the aim is to push the possibilities of the imagination and opportunities. Conducting conventions across the country BSAM Canada has done events in Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. Emerging out of the Unveiling Visions exhibition co-curated by John Jennings and Reynaldo Anderson at the Schomburg Center for the Study of Black Culture in New York City in 2015. The BSAM convention was co-founded by associate professor and chair of the Humanities Department at Harris-Stowe State University, Dr. Reynaldo Anderson. BSAM Canada is the northern branch of the movement, launched by Quentin VerCetty and Kareen "Reeni OddOne" Weir, who coordinated and directed the first international BSAM event at OCAD University (BSAM Toronto) in 2016. BSAM Canada’s additional focus is to create a collaborative and supportive platform that can empower, elevate, and evolve Black creatives and organizations who work within the respective field of the speculative arts. Along side convention BSAMCanada engages communities through workshops, presentations, art exhibitions andthrough various media outlets. BSAM is an umbrella term represented for different positions or basis of inquiry: Afrofuturism, Astro Blackness, Afro-Surrealism, Ethno Gothic, Black Digital Humanities, Black (Afro-future female or African centered) Science Fiction, The Black Fantastic, Magical Realism, and The Esoteric. Although these positions may be incompatible, in some instances they overlap around the term speculative and design; and interact around the nexus of technology and ethics.

Areas of focus: Art & Culture

Le café des Artistes

Omega AA Inc. Espace Mushagalusa

August 2014 saw the opening of an African art gallery called Espace Mushagalusa. Based in the heart of downtown Montreal and a stone’s throw from cultural hotspots such as the Grande Bibliothèque and the Université de Quebec à Montréal, Espace Mushagalusa has taken on a two-fold mission: namely, to promote African art and turn the spotlight onto artists who want to bring their talents to the public arena. To this end, the gallery has a collection of art works from all over Africa made up of paintings, statues, masks and much more besides. In time, it earned the privilege of being a venue of choice for diverse organizations staging concerts, conferences, exhibitions, book launches, filmed debates, workshops for children, and other events. Success has led to yet more success in the form of a flow of interest that extends beyond cultural communities to students, tourists, art collectors, event promoters, diplomatic missions, and so forth. With an eye to building on Espace Mushagalusa’s story so far, the idea was born of establishing a café where it would develop within the context of an artistic environment offering food and drinks that actively support a fair trade social vision and agenda.

Areas of focus: Art & Culture, Education

New Lowell

AdinkraFarm Sustainable Community Project


ADINKRA FARM is a place to RECLAIM, BUILD and GROW a sustainable community. Community is defined by actions and activities that create opportunities for people to come together in unity to achieve their goals. The inspiration provided by the Adinkra symbol: Boa Me Na Me Mmoa Wo – Cooperation and Interdependence is central to the formation of community. The Kwanzaa principle of Ujima provides a similar call to work together to achieve a good that is greater than the individual. We will Reclaim, Build and Grow together as a community, developing a sustainable resource for the benefit of our community. RECLAIM - Community members are invited to participate in renovation and refurbishing projects to “reclaim” the existing property. Based on the concept of SANKOFA through the retreat, Kwanzaa, day camps, weddings and events, community can also RECLAIM aspects of their African heritage and participate in self-recovery activities. BUILD - We are exploring opportunities to develop the property further by adding new indoor and outdoor spaces and features to the property. GROW - Sustainability includes secure food and power sources. We cultivate the land to grow organic produce such as sunflower seeds, beans, carrots, kale, garlic and melons. We will be exploring other crops and opportunities to share information about farming in support and promotion of community food security.

Areas of focus: Art & Culture, Economic Prosperity, Education



180 Change Street

180 Change Street is proud to announce we will be rolling out “Purple”, a year long initiative aimed to address trauma and mental health from a street centred lens. With the current state of affairs in the streets, we felt it was critical to do away with reactive bandaid solutions and focus on more long term effective strategies for the streets. What makes this initiative even more dynamic, is that it is a front end approach that gives us a way to move the conversation forward and further. A solution that does not wait to act only when one is suspended, expelled, arrested or killed, but one that is a way of life from day one. Arming our youth with the intelligence and critically thinking that fosters positive growth and personal development. It’s time to put one in the head and shoot for the skies!!!

Areas of focus: Health, Art & Culture, Civic Engagement