Connecting the Dots Projects


Equality via Black Community

1 Resource Corporation Service

This is an introductory letter about One Resource Services Corp. and a request for your sponsorship support to our 2018 Knapsack Back-to-School Drive and gofundme campaign titled Equality via Black Education. One Resource Services Corp. is a registered, non-profit organization that operates at the local level to provide a variety of community and business services aimed at improving the day to day lives and commercial inclusion of black people in the Ottawa area, Canada’s capital city (5.7% population; 2011 Census). In an effort to ensure that under-privileged students will be supported during this school year with comparable tools and supplies as their peers, One Resource will be be running a Knapsack Back-to-school drive on an annual basis. Visit our gofundme campaign This is our kick-off event in our One Resource Services Corp. 2018-2019 School Program. We would really appreciate your being involved in making a difference in the education related experience of black students and the future of leadership in Canada and North America. Your generous support may take the form of a monetary contribution or a contribution in the form of school supplies and materials. The One Resource Services Corporation 2018 Knapsack Drive will be held Saturday, September 8th, 2:00pm to 4:00pm at 133 Besserer Street (corner of Dalhousie) in Ottawa. This is a great opportunity for your organization to support a worthy cause as well as showcase your commitment to the local community. As a participating sponsor, you will receive reference and signage in all event announcements and promotional materials and you will also have the opportunity to say a few words to the recipient children on the day of the event.

Areas of focus: Education, Civic Engagement

1 Resource Services Corporation

1 Resource Services Corporation

We provide educational, networking and related business services to individuals and community groups focused on building and improving black persons. Our activities are designed to permit black persons to experience a more equitable standing in all societal streams including employment, commerce, education, politics and healthcare.

Areas of focus: Economic Prosperity, Civic Engagement, Employment Equity, Art & Culture, Education, Justice, Health

Young Leaders Advisory Council

Young Leaders Advisory Council

In 2016, the Young Leaders Advisory Council (YLAC) was created by young leaders who saw a void in the Ottawa community. We created YLAC to create a place where racialized young people could find opportunities to achieve equality. Mission We seek to provide a platform for youth and young professionals to identify, meet, collaborate, and grow the skills necessary to become decision-makers and influencers. Our mission is to situate young people of racialized communities in positions of leadership and influence by promoting diversity and inclusion within Ottawa and across Canada. In collaboration with our allies, we work to influence the Canadian narrative of the Black diaspora. We do this through advocacy, mentorship and education. Vision We are dedicated to ensuring the future of young racialized Canadians. We advocate for that future through: empowering young people of African, Indigenous, and other racialized communities, and building relationships with our allies. We focus on increasing civic engagement through: mentorship and volunteerism, encouraging knowledge of heritage and cultural traditions; and providing a platform for young people to become the leaders

Areas of focus: Education, Civic Engagement

Bantu App

Bantu App Inc

Ever had trouble finding a good local hairdresser? Are you looking to switch up your look? Want to see what else is out there before you commit? Or are you traveling to a new area and need your hair done? Bantu can help! We’ve designed an app that helps women to find talented stylists who specialize in kinky, coily or curly hair. Whether you're a naturalista or relaxed, you’re sure to find a trusted stylist who can hook you up! Bantu allows you to sort by proximity, price, hair style, and review stylist ratings. Easily view a stylist’s bio and pictures of their work. If someone catches your eye you can message them directly on the app to set up your appointment. Everything is centralized, making finding a trusted stylist much easier, and all within your fingertips.

Areas of focus: Art & Culture


National Society of Black Engineers Hackathon

National Society of Black Engineers University of Toronto chapter

A hackathon is an event, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming in order to create a unique technical project. NSBEHacks is the first student-run university black hackathon in the GTA. It is a 24-hour fun-filled hackathon hosted by the National Society of Black Engineers UofT Chapter. We believe in equaling the footing for black students within Canada by placing them in a comfortable environment where they’re allowed to be creative and innovative, and also affording them opportunities for personal and career development through the help of our trusted partners, workshops and mentors.

Areas of focus: Civic Engagement, Education

The Three Friends

Imani Enterprises

“The Three Friends” is a new youth production that fuses theatre, spoken word, movement and acapella music to explore race relations and African Canadian history through the eyes of Maggie from Gravenhurst, Ontario, Jasper, from Atlanta, Georgia and Eric from Guysborough, Nova Scotia. After a Black Lives Matter protest causes racial tensions at Jean Augustine University, the students with the support of Black Student Advisor, Miss Akuba hold an assembly to teach the student body that #BlackHistoryisWorldHistory. Written and directed by Award Winning Playwright and Activist Anne-Marie Woods aka Amani, audiences will be taken on a historical journey. From Viola Desmond, to Chloe Cooley, from Mathieu Da Costa to Aesop’s Fables, from Black Lives Matter to Imhotep … whether we are of European descent or African descent whether we are Canadian or American – conversations about race and culture aren’t always easy but through the eyes of The Three Friends we learn that they are necessary. Woods knows the hard work and determination it takes to get your work from the page to the stage, which is why she is thrilled to announce that “The Three Friends” will be presented for the second time at Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts (RHPCA). Produced by her company Imani Enterprises as part of their 2018/2019 Season. The Three Friends will be one of 13 shows that are part of the RHCPA- Education Series

Areas of focus: Art & Culture, Civic Engagement, Justice

Legacy Building Symposium

Afro Caribbean Business Network Foundation Canada

ACBN - LEGACY BUILDING SYMPOSIUM Growing Your Business Capacity For the Next Generation... The ACBN Legacy Building Symposium inspires and educates black entrepreneurs with experts from our business community, world-class keynote speakers, and an array of dynamic workshop sessions. This Symposium will not only focus on current business issues and best practices, but also provide practical tools, tips and techniques to use right away.

Areas of focus: Economic Prosperity


180 Change Street

180 Change Street is proud to announce we will be rolling out “Purple”, a year long initiative aimed to address trauma and mental health from a street centred lens. With the current state of affairs in the streets, we felt it was critical to do away with reactive bandaid solutions and focus on more long term effective strategies for the streets. What makes this initiative even more dynamic, is that it is a front end approach that gives us a way to move the conversation forward and further. A solution that does not wait to act only when one is suspended, expelled, arrested or killed, but one that is a way of life from day one. Arming our youth with the intelligence and critically thinking that fosters positive growth and personal development. It’s time to put one in the head and shoot for the skies!!!

Areas of focus: Health, Art & Culture, Civic Engagement


Shot by Selina

Growing up, I had a lot of trouble with my hair. While all the girls in my class grew their hair to be like Rapunzel, my hair was in braids that wouldn't grow passed my shoulders. The reason for this was because my hair type is 4b, which means my hair is bouncy, tiny coils that shrink when its dry. To fit in, I straightened my hair until it was completely damaged. It was only when I shaved the sides of my head in high school that I appreciated the beauty of my hair. I went on a hair journey that made me understand how to take care of my hair and appreciate growth. This project is to showcase the different types of hair and hairstyles that makes a person who they are. In addition, this project shows the beauty in having different hair styles like braids and hair types like straight hair. Overall, this project is to show that your hair does not determine your beauty, your intelligence or your worth.

Areas of focus: Art & Culture

BrAIDing with A Social Twist and a Young Men's Detention Project


Braiding with a Social Twist is an innovative program to teach youth and young adults between the ages of 18-29 about sexual health and braiding techniques. Using a peer-based model where African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) facilitators who have a background in HIV research/service provision/outreach facilitate workshops with ACB youth participants on braiding techniques, hair care, healthy relationships, sexual health and HIV/AIDS. Participants will have the opportunity at the end of the program to provide one-on-one hair braiding sessions to engage clients in conversations around sexual health; hair care and wellbeing. Youth will also plan a number of community events to highlight their acquired hair dressing skills as well as to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS in the ACB community. Young Men's Prison Project Roy McMurtry Project is a project to engage young men in detention in conversations around HIV/AIDS and sexual health while they get braided. This is a completely volunteer based program. This program has been very beneficial in informing us about youth trends and how to work best with young men. Look out for program evaluations! This program is funded in part by Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Areas of focus: Health


Black Speculative Arts Movement Canada Conventions

Black Speculative Arts Movement - Canada

Recognizing the gap and disparities of Black artists and art representation of Black people in art in relations to the art world and education, the Black Speculative Arts Movement Canada (#BSAMCanada) seeks to put in action plan to improve the position of Black creators and the limitations of representation of Black subjects and related content - the aim is to push the possibilities of the imagination and opportunities. Conducting conventions across the country BSAM Canada has done events in Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. Emerging out of the Unveiling Visions exhibition co-curated by John Jennings and Reynaldo Anderson at the Schomburg Center for the Study of Black Culture in New York City in 2015. The BSAM convention was co-founded by associate professor and chair of the Humanities Department at Harris-Stowe State University, Dr. Reynaldo Anderson. BSAM Canada is the northern branch of the movement, launched by Quentin VerCetty and Kareen "Reeni OddOne" Weir, who coordinated and directed the first international BSAM event at OCAD University (BSAM Toronto) in 2016. BSAM Canada’s additional focus is to create a collaborative and supportive platform that can empower, elevate, and evolve Black creatives and organizations who work within the respective field of the speculative arts. Along side convention BSAMCanada engages communities through workshops, presentations, art exhibitions andthrough various media outlets. BSAM is an umbrella term represented for different positions or basis of inquiry: Afrofuturism, Astro Blackness, Afro-Surrealism, Ethno Gothic, Black Digital Humanities, Black (Afro-future female or African centered) Science Fiction, The Black Fantastic, Magical Realism, and The Esoteric. Although these positions may be incompatible, in some instances they overlap around the term speculative and design; and interact around the nexus of technology and ethics.

Areas of focus: Art & Culture


Bias Foundation

BIAS is a think tank dedicated to promoting cultural and artistic initiatives from black communities The Foundation encourages the participation of young people and professionals in the development of the arts, through creative content, unique experiences and activities, to promote and propel local and international talent in Canada.

Areas of focus: Art & Culture

Le café des Artistes

Omega AA Inc. Espace Mushagalusa

August 2014 saw the opening of an African art gallery called Espace Mushagalusa. Based in the heart of downtown Montreal and a stone’s throw from cultural hotspots such as the Grande Bibliothèque and the Université de Quebec à Montréal, Espace Mushagalusa has taken on a two-fold mission: namely, to promote African art and turn the spotlight onto artists who want to bring their talents to the public arena. To this end, the gallery has a collection of art works from all over Africa made up of paintings, statues, masks and much more besides. In time, it earned the privilege of being a venue of choice for diverse organizations staging concerts, conferences, exhibitions, book launches, filmed debates, workshops for children, and other events. Success has led to yet more success in the form of a flow of interest that extends beyond cultural communities to students, tourists, art collectors, event promoters, diplomatic missions, and so forth. With an eye to building on Espace Mushagalusa’s story so far, the idea was born of establishing a café where it would develop within the context of an artistic environment offering food and drinks that actively support a fair trade social vision and agenda.

Areas of focus: Art & Culture, Education

Le Salon International de la Femme Noire / The International Black Women's Exposition

Audace au Féminin

Le Salon International de la femme noire (#SIFN) est : • Une découverte de l’univers de la femme noire et métissée à travers son regard; • Une opportunité d’avoir accès à des services ciblés; • Une ressource pour répondre aux besoins des femmes noires et métissées en tenant compte de leur situation culturelle et socio-économique; • Un encouragement à la réussite de leur processus d’intégration. ​ Ce Salon célèbre l’apport de la femme noire et métissée d’hier et d’aujourd’hui qui ont pavé la voie vers "l’empowerment". Tout comme #Viola Desmond, première femme noire de l’histoire du Canada figurant sur le billet de banque canadien de 10$. Pour sa première édition, le SIFN honorera Mme Desmond et a tenu de choisir un thème en lien avec ce symbole de courage, de force, de détermination et de dignité : N’aie pas peur, OSE! International Black Women'S Exposition (#IBWE) is : • A discovery of the world of the black and mixed woman through her eyes; • An opportunity to access targeted services; • A resource to meet the needs of black and mixed women, taking into account their cultural and socio-economic situation; • An encouragement to the success of their integration process. This event celebrates the contributions of the black and mixed women of the past and present who paved the way for for empowerment, as did #ViolaDesmond, the first black canadian woman on the $10 banknote. This exposition, IBWE will honor Ms Desmond and chose a theme related to this symbol of courage, strength, determination and dignity: Don’t be scared, DARE!

Areas of focus: Economic Prosperity


BBC Exposure and after school workshops across Canada

Black Boys Code

Black Boys Code (BBC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to closing the diversity gap in the technology sector by introducing young boys of colour ages 8-17 to computer science and increasing their participation in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields. We offer exposure workshops, hackathons and educational programs to foster their development in a collaborative environment. We create opportunities for young Black boys ages 8-17 to strengthen their understanding of STEM disciplines—more specifically computer science—through mentorship, industry exposure and intensive training to introduce them to the possibilities of becoming innovators and creators in the technological age. We aim to impact their growth and development through a cohesive learning experience and a blended learning approach. Lack of diversity in the technology sector is a persistent issue. Many young boys and men of colour are choosing alternate careers because they do not believe that a STEM career is an option for them. They do not see themselves as technological creators and innovators. We aim to close the diversity gap in the technology sector by equipping young Black men with the computer science skills needed to enter STEM fields to demonstrate that a career in technology is possibility for everyone. We are working to change the mindset of young Black men by creating an inclusive program with ongoing support to help close the diversity gap in the technology industry. Through encouragement, education and empowerment, Black Boys Code inspires young men of colour to explore the field of computer science to pursue fulfilling career opportunities that will propel them forward. At Black Boys Code teach more than just coding skills, we teach critical problem solving and planning skills in an environment that fosters communication and collaboration.

Areas of focus: Education


Mentoring for Major Impact

Developing Young Leaders of Tomorrow,Today Foundation - formerly Kingdom Gladiators Youth

Mentoring for Major Impact is geared towards members of the Black community between the ages of 8-35. This project's goal is build leadership skills in preparation for participation in professional career areas such as Academia, Law, STEM and Politics. The program currently has three streams inclusive of the Foundation stream, targeting girls aged 8-14. This group gets the opportunity to work with a public policy champion for girls empowerment. The second stream is the Middle years program, focused on teens between the ages of 15-19. This program area is geared towards broad leadership skills development, as well as creating opportunities for preparation and participation in Model United Nations forums. The goal of this program offering is to provide participants with exposure to the various skills needed to present their perspectives clearly, but also to develop their negotiation skills. Participants also get the opportunity to be mentored by experts in their field of interest along the way. The third stream is the graduate edition, where participants get the opportunity to learn about local and international policy development, while at the end of the program, the opportunity to attend a global policy forum event is available. All three streams of Mentoring for Major Impact is geared towards youth empowerment, sustainable employment and economic advantage for Black young people.

Areas of focus: Education, Civic Engagement, Employment Equity

New Lowell

AdinkraFarm Sustainable Community Project


ADINKRA FARM is a place to RECLAIM, BUILD and GROW a sustainable community. Community is defined by actions and activities that create opportunities for people to come together in unity to achieve their goals. The inspiration provided by the Adinkra symbol: Boa Me Na Me Mmoa Wo – Cooperation and Interdependence is central to the formation of community. The Kwanzaa principle of Ujima provides a similar call to work together to achieve a good that is greater than the individual. We will Reclaim, Build and Grow together as a community, developing a sustainable resource for the benefit of our community. RECLAIM - Community members are invited to participate in renovation and refurbishing projects to “reclaim” the existing property. Based on the concept of SANKOFA through the retreat, Kwanzaa, day camps, weddings and events, community can also RECLAIM aspects of their African heritage and participate in self-recovery activities. BUILD - We are exploring opportunities to develop the property further by adding new indoor and outdoor spaces and features to the property. GROW - Sustainability includes secure food and power sources. We cultivate the land to grow organic produce such as sunflower seeds, beans, carrots, kale, garlic and melons. We will be exploring other crops and opportunities to share information about farming in support and promotion of community food security.

Areas of focus: Art & Culture, Economic Prosperity, Education


Black Arts Matter

Chinook Series

A multidisciplinary arts festival demystifying and celebrating Black creativity and life in Edmonton, Black Arts Matter is a reminder of what growth is possible when we choose truth, community, and art.

Areas of focus: Art & Culture

Civic Engagement and Youth Empowerment

ACCEC- African Canadian Civic Engagement Council

What is the African Canadian Civic Engagement Council (ACCEC)? The African Canadian Civic Engagement Council promotes civic engagement, citizenship and provides access of opportunities for African Canadians and individuals of all origins. ACCEC’s mandate is to lead a positive transformational change for African Canadians by empowering communities in a direction that prioritizes and utilizes research, social innovation and civic engagement to promote a culture of shared ownership and sense of shared responsibilities in effective decision making that impacts the lives of African Canadians as well as promoting and protecting the human rights of all individuals. ACCEC seeks to empower and address the needs of African Canadian communities most affected by the perpetuation of poverty, civic apathy and structural inequity. ACCEC’s objective is to invest in young leadership and to commit to civic, social and economic excellence in our respective community and greater society. ACCEC’s ACHIEVEMENTS AND CONTRIBUTIONS • ACCEC successfully passed a motion to create an Anti-Racism Advisory Committee within the City of Edmonton to give members vulnerable communities an autonomy to express their needs and take active role in solution focused direction • Members of ACCEC worked with over 200 youth within the criminal justice system and successfully established mentorship and leadership programs. • ACCEC provided program enhancement and evaluation tools for existing family and youth programs for community capacity building. • ACCEC has successfully implemented capacity building by way of facilitating and giving workshops to communities’ on how to develop working groups and secured grants for young entrepreneurs and woman within our community.

Areas of focus: Civic Engagement, Art & Culture, Health, Justice, Economic Prosperity


Black History Month - Winnipeg

Black History Month Celebration Committee Inc. (BHMCC)

The Black History Month Celebration Committee Inc. is proud to be celebrating 3o plus years of Black History events in Winnipeg. With the tradition firmly entrenched, we continue to celebrate our past and look forward to our future. This years’ theme is ‘At the Crossroads of Freedom and Equality’; with the recent events happening around the world we felt this theme was fitting as we look at ourselves and evaluate what is happening within our communities. Our programming focuses on our youth, historical relevance pertaining to gender and what we can do as a Community to encourage continuing education and spread the knowledge of Black History to all.

Areas of focus: Education, Art & Culture, Civic Engagement

Naturally Gorgeous Curls Event; Natural Hair Consulting; Retail Black and Curly hair products.

Thiah Management and Consulting

I started Thiah Managment and Consulting in 2017 to host the first Naturally Gorgeous Curls Event in Winnipeg to educated and support the Black community in managing their natural hair. I have a three-pronged approach to helping the community with embracing their natural hair through: education; support; and providing a product selection that works. I also became a Certified Natural Hair Consultant and sell quality natural and/or organic and effective hair products sold by other female, Black, Canadian entrepreneurs.

Areas of focus: Education, Health


AfriCa Fest

Productions Pulchérie Mboussi

AfriCa Fest is an annual a community event that celebrates Africa’s diverse cultures & beauties through live music performance, drum & dance, arts & craft, food , and workshops. The very first AfriCa Fest was held in downtown Victoria and featured both local and regional artists with roots in Guinea, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Belize, Cuba and Canada. AfriCa Fest is organized by Pulchérie Mboussi on behalf of the African Cultural Society a grassroots non-profit organization in Victoria since 2012. The event is designed to appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds and particularly to anyone with an interest in world music and culture. Pulchérie Mboussi is committed to enhancing the appreciation of African cultures through music and dance in Victoria, Vancouver, BC and Canada at large. She is also committed to supporting and promoting other non-profit cultural activities and events in the province. Créée par Pulcherie M, AfriCa Fest (la FOIRE AFRICAINE) est le plus grand festival de BC consacré à l'Afrique. AfriCa Fest, le plus grand Espace de BC consacré à l'Afrique a pour cible : les Africains vivant a Victoria, au Canada, aux amoureux de l'Afrique, les amis et partenaires de l'Afrique. Notre organisme Favorise l'intégration de personnes issues de la diversité culturelle africaine, sensibilise la population locale à l'apport positif de l'immigration.

Areas of focus: Art & Culture, Employment Equity, Media & Journalism, Education

ISSAMBA - The Ultimate Journey Through the Depths of African Rhythms

Productions Pulchérie Mboussi

ISSAMBA is an interactive musical spectacle that showcases African Roots, Rhythms & Music, featuring world-renowned African-born artists. Issamba means "come together" in Cameroon ISSAMBA promotes and brings together music from across African cultures to present a unified African groove. Immerse yourself in a mix of African instruments, traditional rhythms, and dancing styles. These artists will travel from abroad, gracing BC with their special talents and sharing aspects of their culture with Victoria. ISSAMBA, a 90 minute show that gives you a glimpse into the rich and diverse musical culture of Africa, an invaluable experience you won't want to miss!

Areas of focus: Art & Culture, Education, Media & Journalism, Employment Equity


KUUMBA and YoUbuntu


KUUMBA is an intergenerational cultural creativity project that brought together children and elders in a facilitated process of shared learning through 2 artistic representations: storytelling and water colour art. The elders told stories about their experiences in school and the children captured and conveyed what resonated with them in pictures. The final projects, captured in posters where presented at follow up community engagement sessions. YoUbuntu was our youth leadership development program. In community we know we learn from those who went before us and have responsibility for those who come behind us. YoUbuntu was a creative form of passing learning from senior high African Nova Scotian youth to Junior high youth. The youth in senior high had an opportunity to come together and grow their leadership talents and strengths. During those workshop sessions they also considered ways to share their learning and experiences with the younger youth. The youth came together from various regions throughout the Province.

Areas of focus: Education


Celebrating Black History Month

Nanamio African Heritage Society

Nanaimo African Heritage Society promotes events that provides an opportunity to educate an inspire people of all cultural backgrounds to understand and embrace differences and commonalities with others in our communities and the world around us. Shalema Gantt, President and Founder of the not for profit Nanaimo African Heritage Society has a love of history and teaching. She has successfully provided educational opportunities on Vancouver Island for over 23 years. Nanaimo African Heritage Society celebrates our 20 anniversary this year, 2018. In 1999, we were a small core group that put a call out to those whom would like to participate in celebrating Black History Month. Since then we have held numerus events throughout the Month of February. We have had guest attend from all over Vancouver Island, Vancouver BC, Alberta, Settle, and Ontario have joined our events. We begin our celebrations in the first week of February with an opening ceremony at our local regional library. Local schools in the community attend a day program and listen to stories being read by invited black authors whom have published story of black pioneers, and on different subjects be it contributions made by African descent. In the evening we have a meet and greet with our local dignitaries, where we host music and pros and share stories and photographs of the contribution of Canada’s Black Pioneers. During the second week we celebrate by presenting a gospel concert featuring guest speakers and choirs and solo musicians and singers. We also facilitate workshops such as; haircare and fashion and beauty. We invite the community to join us in a special film night where we show movies relevant to diversity. We conclude the celebrated month with an elegant Gala Dinner, with music, performers, door prizes, headline speakers, and fashion show.

Areas of focus: Art & Culture